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Investing In Michman

Michman's growth rate and numbers speak for themselves. The combination between enabling regulation and opportunities for business owners to receive expert and fast credit solutions - leads to an increase in demand for Michman's services.
We invite you to join our success journey in investing in a thriving and prosperous business. Together we will boost business in Israel!


Taking a Substantial Part in Driving the Israeli Economy

The success of Israeli businesses is a chief goal at Michman and we see this as our mission. We and our investors have the power to create a tremendous positive impact on the economy and to jumpstart the economy and businesses in Israel.
We invite you to invest in Michman and become an integral part of driving the Israeli economy forward, promoting businesses towards realizing their potential and strengthening the Israeli economy, on the road to economic stability and prosperity.
Your investment in us is your investment in the Israeli economy, and in fact - in all of us.

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