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Credit Solutions for Businesses

Michman provides its customers with a wide variety of credit solutions for businesses, all under one roof. In the joint personalized work process of Michman's with its customers, we, together with the clients, perform a specific analysis for the credit needs of the business and tailor to each customer the best and most precise solution for them - not near, not approximately, but precisely what the business needs! Michman's credit solutions are provided by an experienced skilled team and we offer personal, fast and professional attention to each of our customers.


Michman Credit's Business Credit Solutions

'Working Capital' Credit

Credit solutions for the benefit of 'working capital' and improving cash flow in the business. This credit is usually granted for periods ranging between 3 to 12 months and its purpose is to assist and bridge the gaps of cash flows in the business.

Credit Backed By Real Estate

Credit Lines granted against real estate lien (first-degree lien as well as second-degree lien), at high financing percentages relative to the value of the property. Credit solutions backed by real estate are suitable for businesses with a need for lines of credit amounting to NIS 1 million or more and for a long period (up to 60 months), in a convenient , adjusted and customized payment schedule.

Obtaining Credit in Four Steps

1. Application for credit online

2. Examination of the application by Michman's team of experts

3. Signing agreements and establishing a client

4. Placing and making credit available to the customer quickly and efficiently

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What types of businesses does Michman grant credit to?

      Michman grants credit to businesses (companies and/or authorized dealers - and not to individuals).
      As part of the customer review processes ('underwriting'), the company examines, among other things, the company's financial soundness, repayment ability and the company's capability to meet its obligations, banking conduct, credit history, background of the company's owners, and more. The provision of credit is subject to the Michman's policy and the decision of the credit committee and the company's management.

  • How soon can a credit be obtained?

      Michman believes in providing a professional and fast response to its customers. However, the duration of time for receiving credit may vary depending on the type of credit provided, the dependence on external factors (such as: the Registrar of Pledges / Registrar of Companies, Bureau of Land Registry/Israel Land Authority, etc.) as well as the degree of cooperation of the customer and the presentation of the necessary documents.

  • What is the cost of credit that Michman charges?

      The cost of credit is determined by Michman in accordance with the risk assessment process carried out by the company, and it may vary according to the company's discretion. In the risk assessment process, Michman examines, among other things, the type of credit provided to the customer, the appropriateness of the customer, the appropriateness of the collateral, the amount of the credit, the credit period, the method of repayment, the customer's history, and more.

  • Does Michman discounts 'payee only' checks?

      Michman does not carry out checks discounting of the 'payee only' type, except in cases where Michman Basa"d (With God's help) Ltd. is the beneficiary and/or part of the beneficiaries on the check.

  • How can checks be delivered to Michman?

      The checks can be delivered by physically coming to our office (21, Bar Kochba St. Bnei Brak, Migdal Efi Properties, 17th floor) and handing over the checks or, alternatively, coordinate with a Michman representative to collect checks with a courier (across the country).

  • For which periods is the credit granted?

      Michman has a wide variety of credit solutions, from short-term credit solutions to credit for periods of about 60 months. For more information regarding our credit solutions, please visit the Credit Solutions page.