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- with you in money time

Managing a business in Israel consists of many challenges, as well as opportunities for growth and prosperity. We at Michman, specialize in understanding your business needs and providing accurate, customized credit solutions. Our commitment is to our customers; accompanying and supporting them, precisely at the critical moments - the Money Time.
We invite you to contact us right now and start a joint process, which will grant you peace of mind and efficiency in the financial management of your business and will lead to your business׳ growth and success.

Michman       חתימה של יניב ביטון
Total Credit Portfolio (NIS)

*As of the third quarter 2023 report

תמונה של דורון ספיר     חתימה של דורון ספיר

Fast Response with Maximum Confidence

Michman is a public company whose shares are traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange. Michman has an Extended Credit Provider License under the Supervision of the Financial Services Authority, for credit granting and offers businesses credit solutions tailored exactly and specifically to your needs, at the highest standards of professionalism and in the fastest time.

תמונה של שרית ביאלה

Give us a call today and let us put your mind at ease – we're on it!

We are here with you, to deal with any financial challenge that arises in your business, we live and breathe businesses in all the various sectors and have the expertise to offer safe, effective and fast credit solutions.

    חתימה של אלעד לוי-מאורי

Speedy Response, Expertise and Proven Track Record of Success

The experts at Michman have extensive experience that allows them to do a quick, efficient, and professional evaluation and provide fast approvals.
Minimum Bureaucracy. Maximum Efficiency.

חתימה של בן-יוסף

Personal Attention and Deep Familiarity with Each Customer

At Michman, the success of your business is our top priority; therefore we make sure to provide personal attention and care to each customer, while familiarizing with the financing needs of the business. We are available for you in a variety of channels - WhatsApp service, phone, email, personal meeting - you only have to choose!

Our Solutions

Michman provides its customers with a wide range of credit solutions for businesses, all as a One Stop Shop.
The Michman's personalized joint work process involves performing, together with its customers, a specific analysis of the credit needs of the business and tailoring to each customer the best and most advantageous solution for them.
Not “almost”, not “more or less”, but PRECISELY what the business needs!
We offer each customer a personal, fast and professional approach to our credit solutions, provided by an experienced team of skilled professionals.

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