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Privacy Policy


Michman BasadLtd. P.C. 515185999 (hereinafter: the “Company“) respects the privacy of the users of the website it manages and operates at and also participates in the promotions it publishes from time to time (the website, banners and promotions will be collectively referred to below as: “the website” and “the user” or “the users” respectively),

This privacy policy regulates the manner in which the Company uses the information it collects from the website users and in connection with its promotions.

The information presented below is intended to help the user understand the Company’s privacy protection policy on the website and in connection with promotions that the Company conducts from time to time. The privacy policy, as will be detailed below, will clarify the information that the Company collects about the users, the purposes for which the Company collects the information, what use may be made by the Company of the information, who are the third parties to whom the Company will transfer information and how the Company handles and retains the information.

The information that the user provides to the Company depends on the consent and intent of the user and does not result from any legal obligation. The information will be stored in a database for the purposes specified in this privacy policy, attests to the User’s consent to this privacy policy and that information will be stored and managed in such a database. This privacy policy is formulated in the masculine form only for convenience and should be considered as referring to the feminine form as well.

1. What is information?

For the purposes of this policy, the term “information” means all information collected by the Company, or provided to it by the user or someone on his behalf, as part of the user’s use of the website and the services included therein, through which the user can be identified and protected under the Privacy Protection Law 5741-1981 (the “Law”).

2. The sources through which the Company collects information about the user

(1). Information received from the Company in connection with the user;

(2). Information received from the Company in connection with the use of the website and promotions;

3. The information that the Company collects about the user

The Company will collect about the users the information detailed below (in whole or in part):

(1). Identification and contact details including full name, contact information (telephone, mobile phone, email), address.

(2). Information in connection with the services that the Company provides to the user, including information about the products that the user stores with the Company (if applicable), the payments that the user paid to the Company, and more.

(3). Any additional information that the user provides and/or is received by the Company in connection with the user and the use of the website.

4. The purposes for which the Company collects the information

The Company collects information about the user for the following purposes – in whole or in part:

(1)For and in connection with the provision of the services provided by the Company or anyone on its behalf, including on the website;

(2) For the operation and management of the website;

(3)In order to enable the user to carry out the actions through the website;

(4) For the development and operation of the website;

(5)To improve the quality of the services provided by the Company;

(6)To contact the user;

(7) For the purpose of analyzing, researching and compilation of statistics;

(8)For the purpose of electronic delivery of advertisements, information about products and services, benefits, promotions, discounts and marketing information;

(9) For the purposes of direct mail, as defined by law;

(10) For the purposes of defending against lawsuits, demands and claims against the Company and anyone on its behalf, as well as against third parties;

(11) For the purposes of enforcing the provisions of the Terms of Use and this Privacy Policy;

(12) For the purposes of complying with the provisions of any law.

5. Transfer of the information

(1) The Company will not transfer or provide information to third parties except as specified in the Privacy Protection Policy.

(2)The transfer of information to third parties will include only relevant information that does not deviate from the purposes for which the information is transferred and will be carried out proportionately for a defined, explicit and legitimate purpose.

(3) The Company may transfer the information or any part thereof to third parties in one or more of the following cases:

A. Third parties who provide the Company with various services, including support services for security systems and information technology (IT) systems, information storage services, website building services, survey and research conducting services, companies that provide advertising and marketing services, attorneys and other external professional consultants, as well as other third parties who provide the Company with services in connection with its activities.

B. If the Company receives an instruction, including a court order ordering it to provide the user’s details or information about the user in accordance with the provisions of any law.

C. In any dispute, claim, demand, lawsuit or any legal proceedings between the user or anyone on his behalf and the Company or anyone on its behalf.

D. In the event of a transfer and/or sale and/or check and/or purchase, of the Company and/or its assets and/or any part thereof, for consideration or not for consideration, inter alia, in cases in which the ownership of the website and/or its contents will be transferred, in whole or in part,  to third parties, including but not limited to the case of a merger of the Company and/or its activities with third parties, and including without derogating from the generality of the aforesaid, in cases of a change of control, in whole or in part, in the Company as well as in cases of examining the feasibility of the cases mentioned above.

E. If a claim is raised or the Company suspects that a user has committed an act and/or omission that may harm the Company, anyone on its behalf, any third parties, including other users.

F. If a claim is raised or the Company suspects that a user is using the website for the purpose of committing an illegal act and/or to enable, facilitate, assist and/or encourage the commission of such an act.

G. In any case that the Company deems that the provision of the information is necessary in order to prevent damage to the Company, the User or any third party.

6. Information security

The Company uses technical and physical measures regarding privacy and information security in accordance with generally accepted standards. As is well known, the storage and transmission of information by electronic means, including through the Internet, can never be completely secure and at any time when the user provides information to the Company, in particular through the Internet, the user does so with full consent and subject to the dangers involved in the transmission of information in this way. The Company does not guarantee that the website will be completely immune from unauthorized access to the information stored on it. In any case, if the user has reason to believe that the transfer of information to the Company is no longer secure, please inform us by the means of communication in Section 14 of the Privacy Policy. 

7. Limitation of liability

The Company and anyone on its behalf will not bear any liability, and is exempt from any liability, in connection with any damage, loss or expense, of any kind and type, whether direct or indirect and/or circumstantial and/or consequential, which were caused and/or will be caused to users and/or to a third party, in all matters regarding and relating to the collection, use, transfer of information to third parties, Its retention, security and more.

8. Period of retention of information 

The Company will retain the information about the user for the period of time necessary to ensure the purposes specified in this Privacy Policy unless a longer retention period is required or permitted by law. 

9. Information about other persons

If the user provides personal information to the Company regarding other persons, including his family members and other third parties, the user must do so only after: (a) the user has informed the third parties about the content of this policy; and – (b) the user has obtained the necessary consent for the collection, use, disclosure and transfer of personal information about the third party in accordance with this policy and in accordance with the provisions of the law, to the extent required.

10. Links and Hyperlinks

The website may offer links, hyperlinks or banners to other websites, which the Company does not monitor or review their reliability and legality and anything related to their security and their privacy protection policies.

The Company will not be responsible for the use made by users of the links that appearing on the website, on pages that are not located on the website or on other websites, and the users undertake to obey and comply with the instructions and terms of those websites or web pages and to contact directly the providers of these websites or these pages with regard to issues that are arising in connection with accessing, browsing, use and more.

Therefore, the Company will not bear any responsibility, of any kind, in connection with the other websites, including everything related to the collection, use, transfer of information on the other websites, the content that will be published on the pages of the other websites, and more.

11. The right to review and correct the information

The right to review and correct the personal information is in accordance with the provisions of the law. If the user wishes to review or correct the information, this can be done by contacting the Company via the contact details that appear in section 14 of this privacy policy below.

11. The applicable law and jurisdiction

The terms and provisions set forth in this privacy protection policy as well as any modification or amendment thereof, as well as the use of the website, participation in promotions, will be governed and regulated according to the laws of the State of Israel without reference to the applicable conflict of laws or applicable choice clauses therein.

The Jurisdiction in connection with any dispute and/or claim that may arise in connection with the use of the website and this privacy policy or related to it is exclusively vested in the courts in Tel Aviv – Jaffa.

12. Changes and updates

The Company is entitled, at its sole discretion, to change the privacy policy from time to time without the need to give a notice or an announcement thereof. The latest privacy policy posted on the website will be binding on the user. The user’s continued use of the website after the privacy policy has been updated will constitute the user’s consent to the updated privacy policy, including any changes.

13. Miscellaneous

The user may not assign or transfer his rights and/or obligations under this privacy policy to another. The Company may transfer its rights and/or obligations to another.

This privacy policy does not derogate from any right granted to the Company and/or anyone on its behalf under any law.

14. Contact

To the extent that the user has questions or comments regarding the issues listed in the privacy policy, the user is invited to contact the Company via e-mail at:[email protected]

Updated as of July 2021.